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The accuracy and detail of a legal translation is paramount, and a well-produced document from a linguistic expert can often make a crucial difference to the progress of legal proceedings.  Whether you are working with courts and lawyers in the Channel Islands or worldwide, the distinctive language of a legal document is simply too important to entrust to anybody other than an experienced legal translator.

At Translat, we offer a confidential service that has been tailored towards the extensive variety of legal transactions that are of such core importance to both Channel Island business and the needs of private individuals.  We will arrange to have your document certified as an accurate translation, and can have our work notarised and legalised if required

Please contact us to discuss your legal translation needs, and we will be happy to advise you on the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective way to have your documents translated into the language you require.

Translat is fully compliant with both local and international data protection legislation. Please contact us for more details about our data protection policy.